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Avoid Speeding Tickets

Your online guide to Bear Traps (Speed Traps) and Exits for all the Interstate Highways of the United States.  When traveling the Intestate Highway System, check here for driving tips. 
Bears are creatures of habit

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Bear Traps On Interstate
  Sunday, June 16, 2024  2:45:46 AM  
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Driving tips while traveling in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina

TEXAS    wpeE.gif (2208 bytes)

Mile Marker

Exit Name
TX 0 Junction Interstate 10
TX 48 BEAR TRAP, Pacos
TX 48 Advertise your business here
TX 80-84 BEAR TRAP, Monahans
TX 116 Odessa

TX 138 Midland
TX 154-165 BEAR TRAP, Stanton
TX 161 BEAR TRAP, Details
TX 177 Big Springs
TX 285 Abilene
TX 297 BEAR TRAP Details
TX 308 BEAR TRAP Details
TX 340-350 BEAR TRAP, Ranger
TX 390-410 BEAR TRAP, Parker County, Details
TX 425 Junction Interstate 30 East
TX 429 Junction Interstate 820 North Loop
TX 427 Junction Interstate 35W
TX 435 Fort Worth
TX 442 Junction Interstate 820 Loop
TX 467 Junction Interstate 35E
TX 470 Dallas
TX 473 Junction Interstate 45
TX 480 Junction Interstate 635 North Loop
TX 488 BEAR TRAP Details
TX 490 BEAR TRAP Details
TX 493 BEAR TRAP Details
TX 498 BEAR TRAP Details
TX 551 BEAR TRAP Details
TX 554 BEAR TRAP Details
TX 556 Tyler
TX 559 BEAR TRAP Details
TX 589 Longview
TX 601 BEAR TRAP Details
TX 616 BEAR TRAP Details
TX 633 BEAR TRAP Details
TX 635 State Line; Louisiana

LOUISIANA     wpeE.gif (2208 bytes)
Mile Marker Exit Name
LA 0 State Line; Texas
LA 11 Junction I-220 North Bypass
LA 17 Shreveport
LA 45 BEAR TRAP Details
LA 64 BEAR TRAP Details
LA 84 BEAR TRAP Details
LA 112 BEAR TRAP Details
LA 116 Monroe
LA 138 BEAR TRAP Details
LA 187 State Line; Mississippi
MISSISSIPPI      wpeE.gif (2208 bytes)
Mile Marker Exit Name
MS 0 State Line; Louisiana
MS 16 BEAR TRAP Details
MS 44 Junction Interstate 55 South
MS 45 Jackson
MS 46 Junction Interstate 55 North
MS 130 = 149 Junction Interstate 59 South
I-59 Mile Markers Eastbound to Alabama
MS 149 = 130 Junction Interstate 20/Interstate 59
MS 151 Meridian
MS 170 State Line; Alabama

ALABAMA      wpeE.gif (2208 bytes)
Mile Marker Exit Name
AL 0 State Line; Mississippi
AL 8 BEAR TRAP Details
AL 71 Tuscaloosa
AL 90 BEAR TRAP Details
AL 106 Junction Interstate 459 Bypass
AL 124 Junction Interstate 65
AL 125 Birmingham
AL 130 Junction Interstate 59 North
AL 138 Junction Interstate 459 Bypass
AL 155 BEAR TRAP Details Closed
AL 162 BEAR TRAP Details
AL 174 BEAR TRAP Details
AL 215 State Line; Georgia
GEORGIA      wpeE.gif (2208 bytes)
Exit Numbers/
Mile Markers
Exit Name
GA 0 State Line; Alabama
GA 5 BEAR TRAP Details
GA 51 Junction Interstate 285 West Loop
GA 55 Junction Interstates 75 & Interstate 85
GA 59 Atlanta
GA 67 Junction Interstate 285 East Loop
GA 80 BEAR TRAP Details
GA 109 BEAR TRAP Details
GA 130 BEAR TRAP Details
GA 148 BEAR TRAP Details
GA 157 BEAR TRAP Details
GA 196 Junction Interstate 520
GA 199 Augusta
GA 201 State Line; South Carolina
SOUTH CAROLINA      wpeE.gif (2208 bytes)
Mile Marker Exit Name
SC 0 State Line; Georgia
SC 13.5 BEAR TRAP Details
SC 64 Junction Interstate 26
SC 70 Columbia
SC 76 Junction Interstate 77
SC 98 Camden
SC 110-113 BEAR TRAP Details
SC 141 Junction Interstate 95

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Notes; wpe45.gif (2117 bytes)

Intra-city Bear Traps are not reported in larger cities.  No regular pattern is identifiable other than at the outskirts near the city limits. 

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