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Avoid Speeding Tickets

Your online guide to Bear Traps (Speed Traps) and Exits for all the Interstate Highways of the United States.  When traveling the Intestate Highway System, check here for driving tips. 
Bears are creatures of habit

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Bear Traps On Interstate
  Sunday, June 16, 2024  1:30:39 AM  
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Driving tips while traveling in Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois

LOUISIANA  wpe24.gif (2105 bytes)

Exit Number Exit Name
LA 0 Junction Interstate 10
LA 29 Junction Interstate 12
LA 47 BEAR TRAP Details
LA 65 State Line; Mississippi
MISSISSIPPI   wpe24.gif (2105 bytes)
Mile Marker Exit name
MS 0 State Line; Louisiana
MS 1-25 BEAR TRAP, Pike County Details
MS 93 Junction Interstate 20
MS 96 Jackson
MS 292 State Line; Tennessee
TENNESSEE   wpe24.gif (2105 bytes)
Mile Marker Exit Name
TN 0 State Line; Mississippi
TN 6 Junction Interstate 240
TN 13 State Line; Arkansas
ARKANSAS  wpe24.gif (2105 bytes)
Mile Marker Exit name
AR O State Line; Tennessee
AR 3 Junction Interstate 40 East
AR 7 Junction Interstate 40 West
AR 72 State Line; Missouri
MISSOURI   wpe24.gif (2105 bytes)
Mile Marker Exit Name
MO 0 State Line; Arkansas
MO 17 Junction Interstate 155
MO 66 Junction Interstate 57 North
MO 196 Junction Interstate 270 Loop
MO 207 Junction Interstate 44 West
MO 208 Saint Louis
MO 209 State Line; Illinois
ILLINOIS   wpe24.gif (2105 bytes)
Mile Marker Exit Name
IL 0 State Line; Missouri
IL 3 BEAR TRAP Details
IL 3 Junction Interstate 64 East
IL 10 Junction Interstate 255
IL 15 Junction Interstate 270 West Bypass
IL 89 BEAR TRAP Details
IL 97 Springfield
IL 98 Junction Interstate 72 East
IL 109 BEAR TRAP Details
IL 127 Junction Interstate 155 North
IL 156 Junction Interstate 74 East
IL 160 Junction Interstate 74 West
IL 162 Junction Interstate 39 North
IL 178 BEAR TRAP Details
IL 238 BEAR TRAP Details
IL 250 Junction Interstate 80
IL 253 Joliet
IL 270-280 BEAR TRAP Details
IL 277 Junction Interstate 294 Toll Rd
IL 290 Junction Interstate 90 & Interstate 94
IL 291 Chicago, End of Interstate 55

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Notes; wpe45.gif (2117 bytes)

Intra-city Bear Traps are not reported in larger cities.  No regular pattern is identifiable other than at the outskirts near the city limits. 

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