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Avoid Speeding Tickets

Your online guide to Bear Traps (Speed Traps) and Exits for all the Interstate Highways of the United States.  When traveling the Intestate Highway System, check here for driving tips. 
Bears are creatures of habit

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Don't The Bears Move? - Surprisingly, the elements that cause the Bears to be there when you see them seldom changes.  It could be the County line, a unique stretch of highway where speeders are prone to speed such as a hill, a drug interdiction effort, the local politics, or the closeness of a donut shop.  In most cases Revenue Bears patrol the same stretch of highway most of the time.  Bears are creatures of habit.

Why Do You Call Them Revenue Bears - Revenue Bears are instructed to be more interested in selective taxation through issuing citations rather than live up to their motto "protect and serve".  The act of generating revenue for their community is the prime reason they are on the highway in most States.  Tickets make money for their community and justify their existence.  They do not deserve the title Highway Patrol anymore.  They should change the decal on the side of their vehicles to Revenue Patrol.  If they were interested in slowing down the speeders, they would make themselves more visible and lower the cost of citations.  A $250 fine for 10 miles over the speed limit is too excessive.

Won't The Bears Read This Web Site And Move? - We believe that most of the bears would rather we slowed down in their neighborhood so they would not have to issue a citation.  It is their department heads that dictate the rules and order them to issue as many citations as possible.  The reasons that cause the bears to be there will not change because of this web site.  Bears are creatures of habit. As discussed in the book, Bear Traps On The Interstate, they do not have that many places to go hide and they are predictable.

Where did the California State Mile Markers come from?  Driving 48 States one recognizes how backward California is with their mile markers.  California's numbers start at the South or West county line and number North or East to the next county line and then start all over again.  The organizers of the Bear Trap Guide have generated the State Mile Markers and they have only relative accuracy.  However they are very helpful in determining how far it is between two cities in different counties, or to the State line.   Some day California drivers will recognize the value of looking for Exit 345 rather than Hammer Lane Exit.  What exit is before Hammer Lane and how far is it?  Easy to figure out if you are at Exit 300.

Why don't you list Bear Traps on other highways and streets? Most Interstate drivers don't get off the Interstate except for fuel, food and lodging.  Their primary need is to have a simple to follow guide of the Interstate exits and Bear Traps.  Were trying to keep it simple.

Why don't Bear Traps in large cities appear in the Guide?  There are hundreds of Bear Traps in the larger cities, but the number of Bear Traps and lack of regular bear habitats make it difficult to catalog.  If you know of a regular Bear Trap within city limits, let us know and we will add the location to the Guide.  Until a better list is developed, slow down in large cities and watch your back door.

Why aren't 3 digit Interstates listed? Most 3 Digit Interstates don't cover many miles and data is limited.  As time allows and your inputs are received, the more significant 3 Digit Interstates will be listed.  Interstates 405 in California or 287 in New Jersey are significant interstates, but Interstate 905 is short and has little traffic.

Can we advertise in your Bear Trap Guide?  Yes, We currently offer a special Business Card introductory rate showing your exit number, business name, and a link to your web page.   For more information on advertising with us, follow this link; Advertise with us

Where can I get explanations of the trucker terms?  There is a new web page titled Truckers Slang that lists most of the terms "over the road" drivers use and is documented in Appendix K of the book Bear Traps On The Interstate by Herb Halling.  The new web page can be viewed at

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