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Avoid Speeding Tickets

Your online guide to Bear Traps (Speed Traps) and Exits for all the Interstate Highways of the United States.  When traveling the Intestate Highway System, check here for driving tips. 
Bears are creatures of habit

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Reported October 12, 2000 by Kevin

Interstate 20 in Georgia,  Mile Marker GA 5 both directions.

Kevin reports Bear sits in the wooded median using both radar and laser.  There is a lot of commuter traffic between Birmingham and Atlanta and Bear is making his his District rich off speeders.  These State Line type Bears are also part of a Drug Interdiction program because most drugs entering Georgia usually come down the Interstate Highway.  It is recognized as a focal point for all drugs entering the state.

There are 6 specific "Situations" where you can find bears because they are creatures of habit.  Read my book Bear Traps On The Interstate and learn Bears tricks.

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